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OR Controls

James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

Scope: BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design/build services to upgrade the control system for the existing surgery heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the operating room on the ground floor of Building 200. The project also included the surgery packaged air-cooled chiller adjacent to Building 200 and complete modifications to associated mechanical systems.

The new control valves, DDC control units, temperature, humidity and flow sensors, and associated alarms were installed and the control programming was re-commissioned for increased performance and reliability. The existing steam, chilled water and heating hot water system valves, sensors and other malfunctioning or obsolete system components were demolished.

BES D/B installed new DDC control units for approximately 35 single duct VAV terminal units, one stand alone air cooled chiller and chilled water system control valves. New control valves were installed in the steam system for adequate control of space humidification and in the heating hot water system for adequate control of space heating. New automatic control valves were installed in the chilled water system for adequate control of chilled water flow and to allow switching between central plant distribution loop and local surgery stand alone air cooled chiller.

Additionally, new temperature and flow sensors were installed in steam and chilled water systems. BES D/B also installed new temperature, humidity and flow sensors in the air distribution system and associated spaces to include replacement of the existing air flow measurement stations for the air handler. The existing surgery air handling system was modified to allow for air recirculation in order to increase capacity of existing heating and cooling coils and enhance energy efficiency of the surgery system. The existing steam, heating hot water and chilled water piping systems were adjusted as necessary to support system modifications.

BES D/B coordinated with the VA engineering staff in developing layouts and mechanical plans. BES D/B provided all technical design services, supervision, labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary for a complete engineering and construction project. The work was coordinated to be performed over the Christmas Holiday and weekends, resulting in no operational downtime for 5 surgery rooms.

Cost: $345,813

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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