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Upgrade Cable System

James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design and construction services to replace the cable system throughout Buildings 160, 162, 200, 204, 205, 77 and 69 at James H. Quillen VAMC, Mountain Home, TN.

The intent of this project was to replace the existing cable system infrastructure to a more modern system that takes advantage of technology advancements and consolidates the cable system into distribution/hub closets to create an adequate, fully functional, expandable system with a strong backbone.

The design included demolition, electrical/cable system modifications and replacement, and new coax cabling. BES D/B developed a design with the VA design team to insure all needs and project objectives were met.

The scope included rewiring of the cable TV distribution system to a homerun type wiring strategy from Tele-Com room A006 to feed multiple distribution closets located throughout the hospital complex, and buildings 160 and 162. This concept removed weak signals and static to provide a cable system which is easier to maintain, modify and troubleshoot.

BES D/B tested the signal strength at key locations and all terminal points to ensure proper design of a balanced system to provide no less than 1 db at furthest length from Line Extender. All line extenders and amplifiers were inspected / tested to ensure proper function and replaced where necessary.

BES D/B installed a new satellite modular/channel dropper and installed new suspended acoustical ceilings. BES D/B ran 625 semi-flex cable for main feed distribution and replaced RG59 cable with RG11 and quad shielded RG6. BES D/B sealed all smoke and fire wall penetrations with UL approved fire barrier system.

BES D/B replaced and appropriately sized the main trunk line from building 8 to room A006 in building 200 in such a manner as to minimize the number of splices. In each distribution closet, cable was labeled identifying the terminal point for the homerun and at the terminal point the cover plate was labeled, identifying the distribution closet. For lengths over 200 feet, RG11 wire was used. For lengths less than 200 ft. quad shield RG6 wire was utilized. 625 semi-flex (or better) cable was used for main feeds to distribution closets as identified by VA COR. The new equipment is compatible with Charter Cable devices and equipment, in accordance with industry standards and FCC guidelines.

Cost: $245,500

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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