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File Room Conversion to Clinic

Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, Nashville Campus, TN

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design/build services to completely renovate the 3,400 SF File Room into Clinic Space on the 1st Floor of the TVHS Main Building #1. The project included interior design, fire and safety, fire alarm, sprinkler, demolition, industrial hygiene, abatement, structural, architectural, mechanical, HVAC Direct Digital Controls (DDC), plumbing, and electrical power and systems.  BES D/B furnished all labor, materials, supervision, and equipment necessary to complete a design/build project.

BES D/B developed a design with a VA design team to insure all needs and project objectives are met. BES D/B provided all necessary architectural and engineering services required to prepare a complete design (stamped contract drawings, specifications, technical reports, cost estimates, inspections, quality assurance, commissioning, etc.) and construction period services to insure the successful completion of the project. During design development, BES D/B was responsible for independently analyzing conditions, needs, systems, etc., and developing unique, optimal proposals to achieve project objectives.

The mechanical systems and building structure were constructed to insure that the building envelope was maintained. This included, but is not limited to, proper flashing, sealing, moisture protection, vapor barriers, landscaping, site preparation (sloping, backfill, soil composition, drainage, etc.), medium pressure mechanical systems, etc.

BES D/B provided a comfortable environment that successfully addressed both functionality and aesthetics. BES D/B designed and constructed a modern clinic space that incorporated contemporary design and operational philosophies of patient centered care within a teaching facility. The design increased efficiency and optimized processes.  BES D/B arranged functions to facilitate patient and staff flow, and minimized staff travel distances.

Size: 3,400 SF

Cost: $730,299

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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