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Renovate Dialysis

James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design-build services for the complete redesign and build of the 2,000 SF Dialysis Unit and Respiratory Unit in Building 200 Ground Floor. The renovation allocated additional space for dialysis treatment areas and incorporated specialized storage, patient privacy, and work areas for the staff as part of the design initiative.

BES D/B converted the existing clinics, offices and support spaces into a more modern and efficient clinical and storage space. The project reallocated space within the existing footprint in efforts to improve functionality for both services, while keeping patient centered care as its main initiative. Improvements made within the area provided additional treatment space for Dialysis patients while improving work-related functionality and storage capabilities for the department’s equipment and supplies. The Respiratory Care center was also reorganized to better utilize its designated storage space.

The work included correction of restroom accessibility, plumbing, oxygen and gas, interior finishes for floors, walls and ceilings, interior signage and way-finding, electrical, mechanical ventilation system ductwork, air handling equipment and piping. BES D/B prepared the site for building operations, including demolition and removal of existing structures. BES D/B also furnished all labor and materials to perform the complete renovation.

Size: 2,000 SF

Cost: $414,340

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs



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