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Renovate Patient Waiting Area

James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design and construction services for the renovation of approximately 3,130 SF of existing space on the 1st Floor of Building 205 at the James H. Quillen VAMC, Mountain Home, TN. Related space functions were constructed in accordance with VA Design and Space Planning Criteria and VA Master Specifications. The BES D/B construction team coordinated with the VA Medical Center COR for all plans and specifications.

The goal of this project was to complement the present main patient drop off location to accommodate both guest and patient needs upon arrival and departure of the Medical Center. By utilizing the first floor warehouse space located in Building 205 adjacent to the existing parking facility, the space was able to accommodate a waiting area for family and patients, and an alternative entrance in Building 205 for Escort Service attendants delivering vehicles. The space assists with wheelchair storage for Escort Service and an information reception desk for family and patients to confirm locations of their visit. BES D/B ensured that both the architectural layout and design were conducive to health and healing by improving the current entrance and exits of the main hospital complex by meeting ADA requirements.

BES D/B provided HVAC for the entire first floor including the finished ceiling and airlock entryway. Metal security panels were removed for warehouse windows. Cable was installed for two TV monitors and an intercom system. BES D/B installed a security system with close circuit cameras and monitors, and electronic locks 09-08M. BES D/B installed ceiling tile, lighting, sprinklers, walls, floor, floor tile, carpeting, power, data, automatic fire door configuration meeting ADA/ABA standards, and millwork for a complete functional space.

One window was removed on the first floor to accommodate an airlock entry and new walkway with automatic doors meeting ADA/ABA requirements which incorporated exterior drainage with the existing system. BES D/B installed an outside entry/exit door in Building 205 and the corner entrance of Building 69 and 77, recess two double door entrances to Building 205 from Building 77 corridor, one store front entrance to the waiting area, and one metal door entry to the Canteen Storage Room. BES D/B constructed an enclosed area with a metal canopy connecting the existing structure, with wheelchair storage and seating, to the new entrance of building 205. Landscaping was also installed to coordinate with the existing landscaping of Building 69.

Size: 3,130 SF

Cost: $216,000

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs



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