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Demolish Buildings

VA Medical Center, Lebanon, PA

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) provided design services to demolish Buildings 4, 5, 25, 26, 27, and 28. BES D/B assisted the VA in navigating the proper paperwork and procedure prior to demolishing the buildings, and provided construction drawings for the demolition.

BES D/B developed the necessary working drawings, contract specifications, phasing plans, and final cost estimates for full and complete construction of this project. BES D/B completed all designs in full compliance with all applicable codes and VA design guidelines. BES D/B provided site investigations, architectural, structural and site surveys.

After demolition of Building 27, BES D/B will design a contractor lay-down area to accommodate as many job trailers as the site space will allow. The design will also include all necessary utilities, such as electricity, phone, internet, etc. BES D/B will also provide a design for the appropriate landscaping after demolition.

Cost: $376,813

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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