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Correct Electrical System

Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia, SC

BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) is currently providing design/build services to correct electrical system deficiencies and provide the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VAMC in Columbia, SC with the electrical equipment and infrastructure to support hospital operations for the next 30 years. BES D/B will provide a “turnkey” solution to provide a modern electrical system that addresses all issues defined in the project scope.

Almost all of the electrical equipment currently operating the facility dates back to the 1970’s. The emergency generator for building 100, the primary care hospital, is a 1500 kW Alco diesel unit with air start installed in 1979. The produced current does not have sufficient regulation to allow seamless transfer with the VA’s modern transfer switches and has caused power spikes in the past resulting in damaged equipment. We will install a modern generator system which will allow for additional capacity and increased redundancy through the use of a parallel system.

BES D/B will replace the three original transformers in the primary electrical room which pose both a safety risk and a risk of disabling the building’s electrical system if an explosive failure took place. We will install new transformers outside of the building in a safer location and working with the VA and SCE&G, we will recommend that SCE&G furnish transformers with increased capacity for future expansion and redundancy.  In addition, we will recommend transformers furnished by SCE&G use “less-flammable transformer liquid” to allow for an outdoor location that will minimize cable length, voltage drop, and material and labor costs to the VA for this project.  BES D/B will provide new switchgear and associated wiring and conduit systems in the main electrical room and the generator room.

BES D/B will design, purchase, and install new and independent emergency generator systems for Building 100. All new emergency generator systems will include associated equipment such as switchgear, master controls, paralleling equipment, and all other equipment necessary for a complete and useable system.  Building 100 – Two 2.25 MW generators operating in parallel (4.5 MW system).  BES D/B will provide emergency generator connection into a new control system capable of supporting a temporary 1 MW generator. We will provide downstream components to ensure that all excess emergency power from the new system may be utilized by the hospital on circuits not currently on emergency power. We understand that one or multiple additional automatic transfer switches (ATS) may be required to supplement existing system. We will place B100 HVAC system chillers and air handler units on emergency power with an independent ATS. We will provide and set-up a digital master control system for the generator system.

We will conduct commissioning and testing to validate that all systems are capable of meeting the required demand in an emergency situation (including load shed schemes). BES D/B will investigate the existing electrical service distribution system for compatibility of new generator systems and ensure sufficient capacity.  We will upgrade to comply with all applicable industry and VA standards.  BES D/B will remove and dispose of all existing emergency generators and all other electrical equipment at the direction of the COR.

BES D/B will identify, design, and execute all necessary architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural modifications. The expanded generator room, as required by final design for new generators, will be designed by a PE to protect generators against all environmental concerns and meet requirements (including seismic) as defined by the generator manufacturer and applicable VA guides, standards, and manuals. BES D/B will provide temporary generators, necessary connections, and fuel to provide temporary power during construction and service transition periods. The fuel capacity for all new generators will provide 96 hours of continuous run time at full load.

BES D/B will remove and properly dispose of the 10,000 gallon diesel fuel tank in accordance with all local State & Federal environmental requirements. BES D/B will provide a new 30,000 gallon diesel fuel tank to support the new system.  We will route the exhaust for all new generators away from the building air intakes and as required for compliance with all applicable VA and industry requirements. BES D/B will expand the existing generator Room to house two new generators and provide a location for new switchgear, generator control, and paralleling equipment.

BES D/B will design, purchase, and install new breakers and adapters in the main electrical room of Building 100.  The Government Basis of Design is Square D Breaker Types LASB1-D2, LASB2-D2, LASB2, and LASB3 (or similar) depending on the OEM Allis Chalmers circuit breakers being replaced.  Direct replacement of breakers will be accomplished utilizing Square D Masterpact cradle or equal.  We will renovate the circuits one at a time or in a similarly scheduled manner to minimize hospital disruption.  We will verify the suitability of all new equipment and components suggested for upgrading existing equipment.  We will dispose of the breakers and all other replaced components. We will replace the “tie-breaker” system between “A” and “B” feeds with new automatic transfer switch or similar technology.

BES D/B will design, purchase, and install new electrical panels and switchgear to replace the existing in B100.  BES D/B will design, provide, and install Micrologic Trip Units by Square D or a similar equivalent sub-metering technology to provide advanced functionality services to include: load protection, power measurement, power monitoring, and maintenance monitoring. BES D/B will provide all necessary networks and data connections required to provide a fully integrated and automated electronic system.  Any existing sub-metering systems will be upgraded at the direction of the COR.

Cost: $8,007,485

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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