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Building 415B Renovations

VA Medical Center, Martinsburg, WV


Scope: BES Design/Build, LLC (BES D/B) is furnishing all labor, tools, materials, equipment, supplies, and supervision to renovate Building 415B at Martinsburg VAMC, WV. The scope includes removal of all interior assemblies of exterior walls, ceilings, and associated devised to these items; removal of floor finishes, exterior windows, exterior concrete landing and stairs and supported canopy; and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment and devices. The fire suppression system will remain operational until the new system is installed and tested. We will spray the existing lead paint containing surfaces with a lead neutralizing sealant then scope the loose paint from the walls. New work includes construction of the new living suites to include living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen for each suite. Construction of new mechanical and electrical closet to serve the entire building. The existing attic will be renovated for life-safety code compliance.  New exterior windows will be installed, as well as a wheelchair lift. A new concrete porch, stairs, and canopy will be constructed. Modifications will be made to the existing sidewalk for connection to the new porch and stairs. A new floor system will be provided for structural support in the crawl space. Adjustments will be made to the fire suppression system as necessary to ensure the sprinkler heads are a right height and location for the new layout of walls and ceilings.

Cost: $444,531

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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